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Masterfloor – underfloor insulation


Masterfloor is a cost effective and environmentally friendly sub-floor insulation system. The product features flexible ‘concertina edges’ that facilitate quick and easy installation, by allowing the panel to compact and hold fast.

Ensure your sub-floor is not the weak link in your energy efficiency strategy.

Quick reference:

• Concertina edges for easy installation
• Easy to retrofit and DIY
• Energy saving through impressive R values (up to R 3.2)
• Keeps you warmer in winter & cooler in summer
• Economical, lightweight solution

Sizes & Thicknesses

Standard Panel Size: 1220mm x 420mm (also available in 360mm, 470mm & 560mm widths)
Nominal Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 90mm
50mm – 11 panels per bag: 5.5m2 / 13.20 lm
75mm – 8 panels per bag: 4.0m2 / 9.76 lm
90mm – 6 panels per bag: 3.0m2 / 7.32 lm

Thermal Performance

19mm Particleboard Flooring / Carpet on Rubber Underlay
Panel Thickness Direct Contact System Cavity System
50mm R 2.053 R 2. 206
75mm R 2.702 R 2.698
90mm R 2.9347 R 3.2447
19mm Particleboard Flooring / 19mm Hardwood Flooring
Panel Thickness Direct Contact System Cavity System
50mm R 1.896 R 2.049
75mm R 2.545 R 2.698
90mm R 2.9347 R 3.0877

Source: SmartRate

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