Premium renders, textures
colours and coatings.

M-TEX is Masterwall’s latest range of textures, renders and coatings. Our unique formulations provide the best adhesion – M-TEX PRO Render will even permanently stick to glass!

Choose PRO, GP and FR Renders to achieve a non-combustible render for added peace of mind. Textures are available in a range of grades and contemporary effects including Marble, Platinum and Sapphire and tinted to your choice. For an even longer lasting finish, our invisible coatings ensure your project will continue to look its best.


M-TEX system

M-TEX is specifically formulated for different substrates including autoclave aerated concrete, brick and blockwork, expanded polystyrene, fibre cement and tilt slab, precast & off-form concrete. The components that make up the M-TEX system include: primers, acrylic renders, texture coatings and water/dirt repelling coatings.


Priming is the 'Key' to a great finish

Good surface preparation is the foundation of coating performance and system durability. Refer to our Substrates page to select the right primer for the job.


Base coats

M-TEX comes in a range of high build and skim coat renders incorporating flexible polymer modified renders that enhance performance and application.

Our PRO, GP and FR renders are now also accredited as non-combustible renders.


A superb range of premium texture finishes

A contemporary range of texture finishes, in different grades is available. Our premium Marble finish provides the classic rendered look that many Australian home owners seek. Platinum creates a rugged concrete-look and Sapphire adds a sparkle finish.


Finish with colour

Add a premium M-TEX Flex Coat exterior paint available in a huge range of colours to complete a perfect job and provide a durable, flexible, UV and weather protected finish. M-TEX Flex Coat provides the ultimate protection offering peace of mind with its 10 year warranty. All our products are water based offering low environmental impact and easy clean up.