About us

Masterwall manufactures and distributes high performance exterior insulation, render and coating systems. The lightweight construction provides designers new opportunities to create a clean, modern aesthetic finished in the latest textures and colours – protected by final coatings that will keep performing for years.

We are committed to helping you succeed. From initial design, dedicated and detailed technical and sales support, delivery and administration – our team is focussed on creating value and efficiency at every stage of your project. We consider you our partners and we’ll share our knowledge and expertise to help you find the right solution for each project.

Everything we do reflects our high standards and appreciation of well designed and finished solutions.

"Our business is built on a
framework that simplifies and
enhances the experience our
customers have when working
with us".

Dwayne Bourne,

Construction workers


Innovation is at the heart of our business - keeping us competitive, compelling and leading.

By inspiring our customers, our products get used in new and interesting ways - delivering more value to our customers and our business.


Performance is at the heart of our products - leading to higher quality, superior application and long term value.


Our customers are our partners - sharing our experience fosters inspiration and ensures performance is optimised.