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Like all successful designs, form and function is a powerful combination that delivers outstanding results. It’s why Masterwall lightweight insulation and coating systems have been fully engineered to perform in every building detail - delivering a high performance, weather-tight insulative barrier in a range of architectural finishes.


Lightweight Cladding Systems

Masterwall has been the leading the way in Australia with its lightweight external insulative cladding. Our industry leading initiatives to ensure Alternative Cladding solutions were included in the Codemark scheme, our system designs and technical support that are often copied but never matched and our ongoing commitment to product innovation, quality and development has made Masterwall the leading choice of builders, architects, designers and home owners.

With a range of systems available including Bushfire Attack Level certified systems up to BAL40 and R-Ratings from R 1.7 to an impressive R 4.0 from a panel only 80mm thick, there is a Masterwall lightweight system suited to every Australian home.

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Render & Coating Systems

M-TEX is our latest premium formulations of renders, textures and coatings.

With a great range of colours and textures in different grades, premium quality primers and base coats formulated for any substrate, non-combustible renders and protective coatings, M-TEX allows you to design the perfect finish and ensure it will stand up to the harsh Australian climate.

Discover the M-TEX range and select the products best suited to your project.

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Underfloor Insulation


The sub-floor area of a house is essential element in creating a complete weather-tight energy efficient envelope but is often overlooked. MasterFloor is a cost effective and environmentally friendly sub-floor insulation system that features flexible ‘concertina edges’ to facilitate quick and easy installation

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Masterwall Umbra

UMBRA Architectural Shadings enable you to achieve modern and linear building facades that are optimised for energy efficiency. This lightweight, fully engineered monolithic canopy, blade or fin system can be designed to any custom shape to protect a house from heat and glare.

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Parapets & Balustrades

Masterwall Skyline

Removing the requirement for traditional metal parapet capping, Skyline features an advanced waterproof membrane to give you the opportunity to create a continuous, monolithic finish on parapets and balcony heads with no ugly metal capping.

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Masterwall _Matrixx

Architectural mouldings allow you to add design elements that can instantly enhance the exterior style. Made from M-Grade polystyrene for strength and stability, the Matrixx range of standard and custom architectural cornices & mouldings, decor mouldings and more can transform buildings with added accents.

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